Monday, February 2, 2009

Love, Marriage, Weddings and Happiness

So, I don't really 'Blog' but I'm trying. I don't really ever have a lot to say for the world to know. So lets talk WEDDING.
I'm getting married May 21st at 10am in the Logan Temple. I am so excited! And so ready, I've been waiting to marry my best friend since..well since forever..and now its happening. I couldn't be happier. If any of you guys know Erik he is a gem; truely the best thing to happen to me. I hope all of you get to meet him sometime in your life, he will truely bless it and make it better.

Anyways, so some random things about the Reception.

The reception (May 23rd) is going to be outside. I love spring weddings outside.

It's going to happen in mid morning at 11am. I hope all of you guys can be there, its going to be beautiful.

Random things..

Poloroid Camera's

Wild flowers

and Lace