Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thoughts about the children in our community

So I've been working with Youth around Utah County for going on 3 years, and I've never really understood the impact one person can have on a child. And I've come to realize that Youth in our community, not to mention around the world, are being abused and neglected. And its horrifying to realize that kids that WE know are being abused. Just the other day I was at work reading the news and on the front page was a picture of one of the Dads whos child comes to where i work. He was put in Jail for beating his kids with a golf club so severly that the pain and actual purple and blue bruises were shown on there faces at school. The teachers notices something was wrong and called social services who looked into it and found what had happend.
Because of these and other incidents that i have read/seen/whitnessed has made me realize we need to be careful what we do and how we act. It also has influenced me to Volunteer with this group called "Be the voice of a child" its an oportunity to "Be a voice of abused and neglected children through Court Appointed Special Advocates. Represent them in court to help to secure their rights to a stable environment" I know its not much but its something small that I can do to help our community and the children in it.

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