Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A whole bunch of good stuff!

Well, here I am.

I decided to write a post. About what? I'm not sure. But I'll start with the normal everyday stuff.

  • We moved into our new place! Its beautiful. Just perfect. It feels so homey and a place I actually want to be for a couple years.
  • We got a free upright grand piano. That also is just wonderful. Erik plays so beautifully and its so nice to have a home where music is constantly playing.
  • I'm just getting the last of our thank you cards (from the wedding *sigh* i know im terrible) out today, I'm glad to get that finished. Ya know, being with out a job keeps you so busy.
  • And from that I will say....I'm unemployed! On my own terms that is though. I need to find a new one ASAP. So if any of you guys know of anything, just holler.
  • I signed up to be one of the showing artists in a window on Center Street :)
  • I declared my major (4 year one) to be Art Education and my *down the road-15 years from now degree- to be Art Therapy. I'm hoping to get my PHD in Fine Arts with a minor/ masters in psychology/art therapy. Wish me luck!
  • I'm going Organic, or as much so as my budget can afford. I'm trying to eat more raw and avoid as much unnatural hormones and pesticides as possible. When I was researching Organic, I noticed that it is very expensive and your budget would go up close to 45 % compared to the average shoppers budget. So! What I found out, threw research, is that every health food stores prices are very different. What helps is shopping at local farmers markets for the fruits and vegis or Sunflower Market. If any of you have this market, it is very handy in the organic-affordable-fruit and vegi world. Also my momma told me that in Ogden they have a Farmers Co-op where you pay a certain amount each week and you get a certain amount of Fruits and Vegis. What a wonderful Idea! So I'm on my way to check that out.
  • P.S 500 Days of Summer is a splendid, not a love story, love story.
  • P.S. S Me and Erik are the happiest couple in the world. Incase any of you thought YOU were the happiest, I must beg to differ :) Actually I do hope everyone thinks there the happiest in the world too :)

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