Monday, October 27, 2008

Quintessential Recipe Books

When I was about 16 years old my Dad got me this recipe book thats called "The Classic Cookbook" AKA "The Cook Books BIBLE" along with "The Dessert BIBLE". I really liked this recipe book because the author Christopher Kimball gave reasons why he liked the recipes, and the history behind them and what made them better than all the other recipes out there. I suggest everyone get it.
Also I just got a couple more recipe books in the mail from my dad (who's a chef) which i find to me staples to have in a cooks kitchen. One of them Being a french cook book called the "Silver spoon"

A Baking Book called "Baking from my home to yours" By Dorie Greenspan has fantastic recipes. And the last but not least "Starting with Ingredients" by Aliza Green is a beautiful recipe book.

And of course the simplest homiest to the point recipe book called "Better Home Cook Book"


coty said...

ooo i love. i'm totally going to buy those, RIGHT NOW!!!

ps your blog is marvelous!

calvin and chelsey said...

it's acooking blog again! Let's make somebread sometime.