Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baking Festival!

I've been baking a lot these past couple of weeks and it has been loads of fun. This weekend we are heading to Colorado to make some good 'ol homemade apple cidar, picked from our family's own trees :)
This is how my kitchen looks when I'm cooking. But that's the way I like it ;).

My sweet lil' husband helping me whip up some cream

This is my Dad's recipe for Harvest Pie, he makes it look SOOOO much better, but it was still delicious.

There's wonderful lady who makes the best deserts..this is one of them. The LEMON SQUARES.

Same this goes for these Cherrie-Cheesecake bites!

..well theres nothing special about these other than I made orange frosting for them and wrote 'Happy birthday Jerom!!' in black frosting. I Love birthdays.

Such Wonderful Halloween Weather

And Last but not least...Vegan Milano Cookies :)

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