Thursday, October 29, 2009

Boston! Part two












ok, so in the City they have these really cool public restrooms. Its like this oval shaped little metal thing, and when you insert a quarter the medal door opens and when you done the whole thing gets disinfected and washed, like a dishwasher! Anyways, here's Erik in one of them :)


This is on our ferry to Salem to learn about the Salem Witch trials. Very cool. The little city is really pretty.

 This is the nice man we met on the ferry, he's from Austria

This is one of the mansions in Salem. Its one of the oldest in all of America.

On this street is where a lot of the 'so called witches' died, one of them wash crushed to death. Kinda crazy.

This is the graveyard where they are all buried. Years after the persecution of those who were thought to be witches, the city of Boston apologized for the death of those who were innocent. 

 Random photo of the day.

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