Thursday, October 29, 2009

Boston! Part One

I don't think I've ever loved a City more than I loved Boston (and all the surrounding cities, like cape cod and Salem and some other ones I can't remember). We spent about 6 days there, which is a perfect amount of time. Boston has the most amazing restraunts and bakeries. We had such a wonderful time seeing my brother. I miss him so much and having to leave Boston was one of the saddest experience. It took me by surprise on how sad I was, i felt I was leaving my home! As soon as I got on the plane I looked around and told erik to please send me back to Boston. So if any of you guys get a chance to head out there make sure you 1) Go to all the historical places and graveyards 2) Walk the freedom trail and 3) eat at Moderns bakery.

Picture time!!

Ok, this is where the Twin Towers fell, but now there re-building it!

This is on the bay in NY

 Me and my cute hubby
My big brother Jerr :)

(up above-Grave yard in the middle of NY, has lots of founding fathers in it)
(food stand-below)

One of the neatest buildings (NY)
We went to go see a Broadway while we were there and this is before the show


 Cape Cod



Of our favorite games to play on the beach is to run as close to the water as possible with out getting wet, and as soon as the waves washes in everyone runs as fast as they can to not get wet. Its fun.

  (above-the first communicating coder thing, i can't remember the name, but the one that went from France to this tiny little shack! It was really cool)

 (above-bostons farmers market!)





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sarah said...

wow-this trip looks like so much fun! i've never been to the east coast but these pics are convincing me that i need to go!