Sunday, October 11, 2009

For all you Oklahoma Lovers.

      Well, it seems I've taken to writting more lately.
Erik, has been gone canyoneering. And as we speak I think he's sleeping in his car somewhere between here and Green River. Boo. He tried to make it home though. So I think I'm just going to stay awake till he gets home.
       Anyways, I've been following this Vegan blog for the past couple of weeks and have been LOVING it. You can make anything vegan and it taste wonderful! This morning I made vegan French Toast. Seriously. Amazing. Instead of the eggs you add yeast and flour and instead of the milk you use, well "anything other than diary" milk, like almond milk, rice milk, rice dream, ect. Last week I made those Vegan Milano cookies, and they were (may I say it?) damn good. I think next I'm going to make her Vegan Sweet Potato Pie. YUM.

      So hows everyone doing?

     I think I'm in a missing Oklahoma a lot kind of mood. Well, to be honest its been going on for about 5 years. So I shall post some beautiful pictures that I did not take, but an assortment of Okie's did.

Don't you just love Buffalo. 

Scary. But Mother Nature is just so amazing. Well and intimidating.

Sigh. My heart misses the storms so much.

No sunset can compare to Oklahoma Sunsets.

Oklahoma hail. I kinda wonder how we survived, looking back.


I remember seeing a field like this once when I was a little girl. Kansas has lots of these though :)


Oklahoma doesn't get like this like Utah does, so when it does happen, its wonderful.

Here it comes! Get excited!

More buffalo :)

Erik loves these!


Happy again. I love trees. The world would be a lot less beautiful if it didn't have trees.

This looks more like Arkansas to me, but it might be in the northern eastern part. But doesn't this picture just make you feel so peaceful?

Well, and this one, its a picture taken in Colorado, but I just really liked it.


Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS shots! What a beautiful place :)

jen said...

i love marika's food blog. she makes me want to go vegan. seriously.

Jed said...

why did you delete your politics blog. i wanted to read it

Portia said...

O, it was my facebook status yesterday. Just a little longer. And I'm not sure why I deleted it. P.S we all should carve pumpkins soon!